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Troubleshooting “rpc Server Unavailable” Errors

The blue screen error prompt ‘Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart’ is a prevalent error message. We provide 11 fixes that cover all standard issues that result in this error. Try them one by one to get rid of the unexpected system crash.

  • If Print Management opens, continue to step 4.
  • The yellow warning sign indicates that the driver is outdated.
  • It’s usually quicker to just clean install than spending a few hours tracking down a problem.

Most probably, your issue will resolve when you restart your PC after running the DISM command. However, if the problem is still there, then move on to the next step. For instance, the Malware Removal tab offers a multitude of malware scan and removal solutions. RKill, Kaspersky, Microsoft, and even Ccleaner—it’s all here. There’s also a Run Unattended option that lets you run a scan without downloading any specific tool.

How To Fix Hard Drive Problems On Windows 10

In the following content, I’ll mainly focus on telling you how to recover data with the amazing recovery tool. Reinstalling Windows or System Restore will for sure fix the issue. But, if you are not in a situation to carry out any of these methods, then you must contact your PC manufacturer’s customer support to get them to help you fix this issue. Click on it, then select the restore point to which you want to restore back your PC. Just take care that the date of restore point you select is a date before you started to get the Display Driver Failed To Start Windows 10 error. Run the restore and wait till the System Restore is complete.

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Doing this will cycle all the connected USB devices, causing them to reinitialize themselves. Then, right-click all list items called USB Root Hub and click Enable device. Right-click USB Root Hub (this might also include “USB 3.0”) and click Disable device. Do this for all other list items of the same name. 💾 Create backups – Of course, accidents always happen.

Specify the error message on your computer screen and carry out the corresponding fixes to remove the Ntfs.sys error. If there is a hardware failure in the system, Windows unexpected shutdown error is found. Just check the CPU and decide how to solve the issue. In other cases, incorrect drivers, faulty or incompatible hardware could be the culprits. As the causes can be very different, there are no one standard step to resolve the problem. It will all depend on whether you can identify the root cause. As a Technical expert writer, Love to write about different technologies and share my knowledge with folks.

You can use the system file checker on Windows to fix this error by following this step-by-step method. In some cases making sure your Windows has all the latest updates installed might fix the IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error. Make sure your Automatic Updates option is turned on. Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. So, check if you have installed any recent hardware then try removing and replacing it.

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